Starshine (Shine)

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Cleanse, condition, and style your way to smooth, shiny hair.

Includes: Love Lather moisturizing shampoo, Dreamer restorative hair mask, Wax Poetic texturizing wax spray

Pro Tip

Mix Love Lather with Dreamer to make a co-wash. For hard-to-manage curly or coily hair, mix a pea-sized drop of Dreamer with Wax Poetic and apply to strands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Love Lather as my daily shampoo?

Love Lather is intended to be used as your daily go-to moisture shampoo.

Do I need to shampoo my hair after leaving Dreamer on overnight?

You do not need to shampoo after, just rinse.

Will Wax Poetic leave a sticky residue after applying?

No! Wax Poetic does not leave a sticky residue.